Can I extend my placement after completing a specified placement time? 
We present offers for a specific period (3-12 months), however if you decide to stay longer, this should be agreed between you and your managers exclusively.

Can I arrive in the UK without securing a placement?
No, placement must be arranged before you leave your country. You will sign a Placement Letter with all the details of your training specified.

What kind of people are you looking for?
You need to be open-minded and ready for new challenges. We require a minimum Intermediate level of English and you must be 18-30 years old. Some positions require previous experience (e.g. receptionist) but mostly you don't need to have a hospitality background.

Can I go with a friend or partner?
Yes, of course- you only need to provide your friend's/partner's name on registration documents and we will make sure your placement is in the same hotel (however, your positions within one hotel might be different and your days off work might not be the same).

Can I specify a particular position I would like to apply for?
To some extent- yes. We check your English during a telephone interview and based on that we specify which positions are possible for you. For example, if your English is on Upper-Intermediate level, you might be offered one of these positions: waiter/waitress, barman/barmaid, night porter, general assistant.

How do you check my English level?
After you sign Work UK agreement and file all the necessary documents, we will contact you to conduct a telephone interview, which will enable us to check your English.

Will there be an interview with a potential employer?
In most cases potential employers want to have either Skype or telephone interview with a prospective trainee. They want to ask you some simple questions- when you would like to start and how long you are available for or what is yous previous work experience.

What happens if I am not accepted after an interview?
If you are not accepted beacuse the employer has chosen other candidate or beacuse they decided you are not appropriate for a specific post, we will present another offer to you.

What if I am not offered a position within specified time limits?
If we failed to find a placement for you within specified time limits, you will be offered a full refund or you can decide to wait longer for an offer.

What if I am offered a position I don't want?
We always try to do our best to meet your requirements. However, the position you are offered is carefully searched for, based on your language level and experience. You cannot resign from one position and ask for a new offer. If you wish to have an option to reject our first offer, you can choose Work UK You Decide!- in this case, we are obliged to present another offer to you.


Can I reject the first offer if I chose Work UK You Decide! Programme option?
Yes- you can reject the first offer if the position or location is not satisfactory for you. We are then obliged to find another offer for you. Please, bear in mind that once you reject an offer, you are not able to come back to it after we present the second offer to you.

Do I need a National Insurance Number and a bank account before going to the UK?
No, you need to apply for National Insurance Number and open a bank account when you are already in the UK. NIN gives you the right to use National Healts Services. Bank account is necessary for transferring salary onto it.

Can I work in more than one place?
We guarantee a full-time position in one specific hotel or restaurant. However, if you feel you would like to have some additional part-time job or you wish to attend English course in your free time, you are allowed to do that. Usually, participants do not have time for that during their placement and decide to take courses or part-time jobs after their placement is finished.

Will I work straight or split shifts?
Most of the hotels offer split shifts, where your work day is split into two or more parts. This question is discussed with a manager before you go to the UK.

What is the avarage wage?
British hotels and restaurants offer their trainees the current National Minimum Wage. Rates can be checked at government website:

Will I have accommodation and food provided?
We are searching for offers which come together with the accommodation. Costs of accommodation are usually between 35 – 80 GBP per week and are deducted from your salary. Food is often included or charged additionally (approx. 10-15 GBP per day for 3 meals). If food is not provided, there is a kitchen access available. Please, bear in mind that accommodation standard is different from hotel rooms' standard. You may choose to find the accommodation yourself, instead of using accommodation offered by a hotel/restaurant.

Can you book plane tickets for me?
We are able to plan step-by-step your journey to a hotel/restaurant for you. Still, we are not in a position to book your plane/bus/train tickets.

Do I need any additional insurance?
We recommend to apply for European Youth Card which gives you not only numerous discounts, but also insurance for card holders. You can find out more at:

What happens if I leave my job?
There are no contractual penalties from TEE if you have to leave your job earlier than planned. However, usually you must observe a notice period specified by a hotel management, in order to avoid any penalties from your employer.

Will I need a uniform?
Your supervisors will inform us about their uniform requirements and you will be able to take it with you. It is usually a white/black shirt, black trousers/skirt and black comfortable shoes that you must bring with you.

How big are the hotels and restaurants and where are they located?
We cooperate with medium and small hotels and restaurants, which are often family or owners' run. The atmosphere in such hotels is very friendly and each trainee is treated individually. Hotels and restaurants are located all over the United Kingdom in towns and cities which attract many tourist. These are not the major UK cities, but there is usually easy train/bus access to hotels/restaurants.

When should I apply for the programme?
You can apply any time throuhout the year. Holiday months are most popular with participants, so it is best to apply in March/April for summer programmes.

Do I have to take part in e-learning course even if my English is very good?
The e-learning course is included in programme fee and every participant will recive login and password to the course. We will not check if you login regularly- it is your own decision how much time you would like to spend taking the course. E-learning will provide you with practical information concerning various everyday and workrelated matters- it will be extremely useful when you start your placement.

Do I have to prepare my Video CV?
Yes, it is obligatory for all participants. We will give you tips how to prepare a Video CV and what to include in your presentation.

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