If you choose a placement provided by TEE as a part of WORK UK programme, you are guaranteed the full salary. British hotels and restaurants offer current Nationam Minimum Wage rates which can be checked at

Current gross hourly wages are:

  • for employees aged 25 and over- GBP 7,83 per hour 

  • for employees aged between 21 - 24 - GBP 7,38 per hour

  • for employees under 21 - GBP 5,90 GBP per hour


You will be paid weekly, every two weeks or monthly, depending on the system used in a given hotel/restaurant.

Additionally, you may receive tips or possibly work overtime, however solely at manager's descretion.

IMPORTANT! Interns are entitled to tax refund. TEE can help you to file a tax return when you finish your placement (more information in Tax return section).


  • The follwing table shows example calculation of net salary (in accordance with GBP 6,70 rate per hour) on the basis of length of placement and most typical working time of 40 hours per week:

length of placement

12 weeks

52 weeks

Gross earnings

£ 3216

£ 13,936


Approx. £300

Approx. £ 556


Approx. £344

Approx. £1493,14

Net earnings

£ 2572

£ 11,886.86

* income tax advance payments. Personal allowance for 2015/2016 is £10,600 per year, which means that any advances paid are returned if the salary did not exceed the amount of personal allowance. Any amount exceeding the limit of £10,600 per annum is subject to 20% tax, so in case of gross earnings of £ 13,936 the amount subject to taxation is £ 3336 (13 936 - 10 600) and may be refunded. In case of gross earnings of £ 3216, the entire amount of advance payments might be refunded.

** National Insurance (12 %)


Hotels and restaurants often give the opportunity to trainees to work overtime and possibly to receive some tips- this may increase your earnings even by 50%.


  • salary is paid weekly, every two weeks or monthly- depending on the system used in a given hotel/restaurant;

  • you may file your tax return after you finish the placement.

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