WORK UK - about the programme

Work UK is the educational programme for students, graduates and all young people aged 18-30 who can communicate in English and want to to go to the United Kingdom to take part in paid/unpaid placement in British hospitality sector.


WORK UK is available all year round!


WORK UK programme involves:


  • practical, cultural and language preparation in a form of the e-learning course;

  • fully paid placement offer in a hotel/restaurant in UK (unless you have arranged a placement yourself, TEE will present a fully paid placement);

  • support during your stay in UK and language assistance during the e-learning course;

  • help in planning your travel details;

  • placement evaluation and certificate;

  • e-learning course takes two weeks (see more about the course);

  • you can go to UK for the period of 3 up to 12 months (if the placement is provided by TEE).


The programme is especially recommended to students and graduates of tourist and hospitality studies, however everyone can take part, irrespective of interests and education background.


Why is it worthwhile?

The majority of students and graduates from Poland and other European countries, who are not the students of hospitality subjects but are trying to find fully paid placements in UK, are not properly prepared for that. They find it difficult to understand basic rules and regulations of a hotel, get used to new environment and understand specilized vocabulary, which is the reason why hotels are becoming less interested in accepting young people for placements.




- You are busy taking exams, passing subjects.... it is a normal student's life and we know it is difficult to find free time. Work UK is the internet course- you choose when to access all the materials and how much time you should spend doing the course. Your account is available 24 hours a day for 2 weeks, and afterwards you will receive information package which contains all materials covered as well as a glossary of specilized vocabulary and phrases;


- You will be prepared to face the reality. Bank account, travel info, renting a flat, reading press ads, visiting the doctor, dealing with formalities – seem to be really easy. However, in a foreign country and the English speaking environment you have to rely only on yourself – it is quite difficult to keep your head, even if you speak English well;


- You will adapt to new reality quickly thanks to practical knowledge of life, work and culture in the UK;


- You will receive an offer of a fully-paid placement in a British hotel or restaurant, unless you organize it on your own;


- You will obtain the Certificate in Work Experience which confirms your participation in the programme in a specific hotel/restaurant (note, the certificat is issued only on the basis of documents provided by TEE which are to be filled by a participant and a hotel representative. If you organize a placement on your own, please don't forget to inform TEE about the place of your placement);


- You will receive support and care from TEE while staying in the UK during the placement whether you organized it yourself or with our assistance.


Going to UK. Is it a good idea?


- work in hospitality sector will give you the opportunity to earn quite a sum of money,


- you will gain new experience which will be beneficial for your future career,


- you will be able to improve your language skills,


- you will become familiar with British culture and way of life,


- you will meet new people from all over the world.

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