Frequently asked questions

What is the charge for your services?

There are no charges involved and our partner hotels do not pay us anything. However, our programme is aimed at paid placements and we do expect our candidates to receive appropriate salary.

Do you provide only Polish staff?

Work UK Programme is aimed at all EU nationals- our candidates may come from other European Union member country. All of them are eligible to work in UK and no work permits or visas are required.

What sort of candidates do you provide?

Our candidates are students and graduates aged 18 to 30 with different academic backgrounds. Many of them already have previous work experience, however all are willing to be trained and are flexible regarding the scope of duties.

Do you verify your candidates?

Yes, we do check the level of English of our candidates and discuss their previous experience and education. You will be aware of who they are before you actually decide to employ a candidate.

Is it possible to meet a candidate before they start work?

We strongly recommend to speak to candidates you intend to employ. In most cases, we organize a telephone or Skype interview, which allows you to ask some additional questions and tell about your expectations.

Are the candidates comfortable with remote location of hotels?

We make sure our candidates are aware of the exact location of their employer. Their main goal is to gain valuable experience, practice language skills and possibly save some money. Our candidates do not mind remote locations.

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